Ghost Rider 2 : Spirit Of Vengance

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Nicholas Cage is back as Johnny Blaze, the infamous character who made a deal with the devil and transforms into "The Rider" at night when bad people are around. This time around self executed Blaze is in Eastern Europe and must help a mother and son escape the clutches of the devil and his plan to rise again on Earth. Watery performances, spectacular special effects, unnecessary 3D and a horrid script make this the hardest movie to review to date.

Story wise it is all very complicated, Blaze has self exiled himself in the Eastern Europe area living in an abandoned warehouse where he is recruited by an angel to help save the mother and son duo on the run from the devil's henchmen. A brief appearance from Anthony Stewart Head raised my hopes for this movie but where quickly diminished as it was only a fleeting cameo and we where back to looking at Cage again. The story moves incredibly slowly Blaze meets up with the mother/son duo and feels the Rider inside him wanting to destroy the mother but very protective of the son who has a connection to him that he cannot put his finger on.

The special effects are incredible, they are beautifully executed to the point of insane especially when The Rider takes over a quarry to slay an army of enemies. The Rider and his bike look amazing and the blend between human and CG is flawless.

Cage delivers a clunky and haggard performance once again donning the tight leather look and this time not pulling it off. Violante Placido plays the mother "Nadya" and her conflicted relationship with Cage is often clunky and forced. Fegus Riordan as the son "Danny" is played to perfection. He is the perfect blend of good and evil and manages to maintain your interest with inquisitive questions like "When you are the Rider how do you pee?"

Overall this cluster of a movie is a poor excuse for a sequel and quite frankly an embarrassment to Marvel for green lighting and then making it. Die hard fans who want to see the next chapter in the Blaze series may find some solace here but to everyone else this will be seen as another churned out hollywood lacklustre for 2012.

Reviewed by Alaisdair Dewar


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